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Professional design and engineering

Industry Experience

More than 500 companies in Serbia and the region have reached their energy goals, with our assistance and expertise

Valuable Ideas

As you know how to turn good ideas into business, we can show you how to turn energy costs into savings

Long-term solutions

You can be sure that our enthusiastic team will always deliver the lasting and most efficient solution for your energy needs

Budget Friendly

Now you can invest in energy efficiency measures or renewable energy sources and improve your business cost-effectively

Our Clients

Here are some of the companies that have chosen CEEFOR as their partner for the tailor-made design and development of the energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions 

What else we can offer

You might be interested to know that we don’t deliver solutions only for renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, CHP or waste management, although they make great part of our designing and engineering everyday work. Check what else we can do for you

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